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The following list is of websites made and upkept by friends of mine. They have put a lot of time and effort into covering a multitude of interests and purposes, and I recommend that you visit them all for your enjoyment.

The Towel

You must visit The Towel, whether for ramble windings, Fred Nerk's main page for her writings (such as the wonderful story and its sequel) and those of others; or for The Taciturn Mungbean, a fantastic and beautiful gallery of images and words.


Aquila's previous site a.h.o is gone, but in its place is something new: poh! (Heh, I nearly wrote 'pho' there.) Blog style, it is in its early stages of conception, but do go and have a poke around.

Formula One Rejects

On a totally different track (heh), visit Formula One Rejects for the rejects of the Formula One. Or was that entirely obvious? Anyway, if cars are your thing, as they are obviously Noch's, hurry to this page to find out all you ever needed to know about those who do badly in racing.

The Bored of Life Site

Melaura's interests extend to laughing (often at us, her poor friends) and writing, which is evident in her page. You can browse a collection of funny articles she has collected, and also her collection of poems and prose she has written, often of the fantasy genre, her favourite.



the ujournal gang

In July 2002 I got a blog, but it was a bit lonely writing to an unknown audience, so I roped in a few of my friends. We're a small group, and some of us write more often than others and at greater length, but it's a nice way of keeping up with each other. This list directly links to individual journals, and is really for reference purposes only; occasionally our friends ask us for the URLs and it's hard to remember everybody's usernames. I've only put people from church here.

Eddie: 1am_boi
Ian: aquila
Jeff: jelly984
Judith: kellenalarra
Noch: eytl
Teresa: tweezer


The banner uses a photo taken by Fred Nerk.