People often ask me "Why the name Alarra?" (because, if you haven't worked it out yet, that's not my real name). I never answer them properly; this is because I don't really know.

I came up with the names Kellen and Alarra when I was 12, and have used either Alarra or Kellenalarra online ever since. I have also been known as Alarra Caelius, sometimes abbreviated to Alarra C, made up for an Ancient History assignment and kept because I was told that in Latin it means 'Alarra of the Light'. How nice is that? Fred Nerk also found out that 'kellen' means 'power'.

As 99.99% of the traffic to this site is accounted for by my friends, this page is fairly redundant. But sometimes, I feel like I have so many faces; and depending on what part you play in my life, you may only see a certain side of me. This discrepancy of image between different groups of people worries me sometimes, because it makes me wonder how honest I can be considered, and 'real' I am.

However, there are certain constants about me: I am 19, I am a Christian, I live in Australia and I (occasionally) study at uni. I am known to have very schizophrenic music taste, an insatiable appetite for reading, and periodic love affairs with pop culture. Sometimes I believe myself capable of writing decently, but I'm usually mistaken.

At random

5 authors
Terry Pratchett; Neil Gaiman; Douglas Adams; Pat Barker; A.S. Byatt;
5 poets
Sylvia Plath; T.S. Eliot; Wilfred Owen; e.e. cummings; Wallace Stevens
5 movies
The Secret Garden; Clueless; Robin Hood: Men in Tights; Singing in the Rain; Casablanca
5 musicians/bands
Ben Folds Five; NSync; Radiohead; Red Hot Chili Peppers; Ryan Adams
5 links
Book-A-Minute; The Annotated Pratchett File; Fametracker; Fling the Cow; Intelligent Humour


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