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"Stories are, in one way or another, mirrors.
We use them to explain to ourselves
how the world works or how it doesn't work."
- Neil Gaiman Smoke and Mirrors
  writings by Alarra

poetry  /  short stories  /  essays

arranged by date written, earliest to latest



The Last Goodbye: facing the inevitable with quiet dignity

Of Stolid Unease: a building alive but you are numb

Attrition: the nightmare of war neverending, never changing

Spring: the beauty of God's creation

Life As An Abalone: sonnet to a creature of the sea and palate

I Would: what the soldier loses, and what he brings back

(untitled thought poem): my thoughts are private / they are me

What Cost But Life?: national pride, and a boy lost his innocence years ago

33 Lines: pharmacy students under observation

Hooks: girls get silly over boys

Illness: violence is wrong, but she stays with him for the memories, the scars

You Decide: my poetry / is not me

Domesticity: she keeps the wedding vows they made

Song: a journey to be made every day

Abstract: a poem about the futility of writing poetry

Dance: the hope and wonder of grace in a child, somewhere

urn (it saves space): someone I've buried and held onto and forgotten

Changeling: you / are not my baby

Converse: I'll get over you



Short Stories

In/Out: he married the right girl at the right time, but life went on without their dreams

Triptych: sex drugs rock'n'roll, baby

Brothello: Iago shows his general the sights, and a fractured glimpse of the future

Lullaby: a folly to dream of him, a life lived in his making; an orphan wishes for love and learns a lesson as harsh

Crumble: Have you ever seen defeat in progress?

The Bluest Eye: it's not real, but it's what he draws of her




The Pity of War: as expressed in Wilfred Owen's war poetry

Religion and Fantasy Fiction: a limited study of world-views of religion through the realms of fantasy fiction

Whores and Prostitution: an investigation of prostitution in the ancient world, and the relevance of the word 'whore' in modern day

Normal Personality in Psychology: an attempt to define the idea of normal in personality theory

Drug Injecting Rooms: the case for and against

My EYF Experience: a short article about my church youth fellowship group

A Concept of Beauty in Ancient Athens: an essay discussing the ideals of beauty for women in ancient times