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"Broccoli is a funny word.
Watch this: "Hey, there's a weasel
eating my broccoli!" HA HA HA!
... I kill me."
- Scott Adams Seven Years of Highly Defective People
Funny Files


Here are just some funny things I'd like to share. Of course, if your sense of humour differs from mine greatly, you could just laugh at what passes as my sense of humour. So in the end everybody wins!

Axes of Evil
George W. Bush - comedy's gift to the world. This email has probably done the rounds thorougyly, but it really cracks me up. Chadguay...hehehe.

Fellowship of the Rings (for Dummies)
Tolkien abridged. Extremely amusing, but contains spoilers for the book so don't read unless you already know what's going to happen.

Jerry the Frog
Here you can find very amusing and snarky condensed versions of popular movies, done with hand puppet illustrations.

In the movie Legolas is way too pretty for his own good and maintains perfect and different hairstyles for three hours of fighting. Huh. Here's why.

One Liners
Those very quotable quotes circulating the net.

The Two Towers (condensed)
Enjoyed the movie? For those unable to sit through another three hour tribute to Tolkien and New Zealand from Peter Jackson, here is a tongue-in-cheek abridgement of the second movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, written by a fan.

The Two Towers: Fanboy v. Purist
A comic strip about how Tolkien lovers disagree over the movie.

World History (by Dummies)
An essay of collected bloopers made by students in their history essays.