Screen Sites

Yes, I know the more traditional thing to do about movies is watch them, but sometimes reading about them can be pretty fun too (especially instead of doing that 4 page (insert subject here) assignment due next week...). So here are some of my frequently frequented movie, movie-related and TV sites for all the times when you should be doing something else, but in all other senses, have nothing to do. (I won't tell if you don't.)

Another Vague Movie Review Archive

Yes! Now you can visit all your favourite vague movie reviews from your favourite vague movie reviewer...what do you mean, you don't know who that is?! Anyway, if I've seen it, it'll probably be half a year before I report on it. By then, you'll have probably seen it. But writing these amuses me anyway. =)


Oh I am such a pop-culture junkie. This has overtaken Television Without Pity as my favourite "Screen Site" for reading. They are so on the ball about all things TV and movies, and its content is a pop-culture dream. From funny features such as 2 Stars 1 Slot where they adjudicate between 2 stars playing the same niche roles, to Hey! It's That Guy! which gives information on those actors whose faces always inspire comments like "I've seen him in something...but I can't remember what?", to the actual fametracker which does exactly what it promises - charts the rise and fall of a celebrity's fame, regardless of merit and action. Funny, fresh and insightful on a shallow topic, hours of reading fun. And there are forums for your two cents worth too.

Television Without Pity

Not subtitled Television Without Pity any longer but CALLED Television Without Pity, it seems that everything else is still the same. Thank goodness. Here, TV shows (American, unfortunately) are reviewed by people whose lives seem to revolve around the box. Depending on whether your show is currently in season in America, the recaps are updated fairly regularly, and in great detail. While some shows are obviously recapped by loving fans, others are done by people who loathe the show, but can't seem to stop watching. This makes the reviews all the more fun to read. Also, the reviewers will occasionally drop in recaps of movies that the main characters of the show are in, and they're just as good as well. Be warned - the language of some reviewers may offend some people.

Coming Attractions by Corona

Regularly updated, this site has all the latest on movies - from sneak previews by eager contributors of movies about to come out, test screening reviews for movies still in production, spoilers for movies still filming, spoilers and plot and shooting news from movies under heavily shrouded's got it all. You can search for movies by title, year of release, production stage (including all those stuck in limbo) etc. It's a goldmine of information, and essential if you love movies in general.


Popcult is a subsection of Hissyfit where "you're entitled to our opinion". Heh. Popcult consists of ROAMWHS - Reviews of A Movie We Haven't Seen. But sometimes they have. Anyway, basically it's more of the sarcastic, cynical writing that I love to read, about upcoming (American time) movies as viewed by those who have only seen the trailer and heard the hype. It's funny. It's quite spot on. It's ecletic. The only annoying thing is that clicking on the link above will take you to the last month archived, and you can only go through archives month by month, year by year. But for a different view of movies, and to cut through the studio hype that inevitably surrounds a big budget movie, this is very interesting and fun.

Internet Movie Database

Ok, so this one may be a bit obvious, but for those looking for mundane details such as a complete list of cast members, year of release, a simple plot summary or what other people have thought about a movie, this is probably your first stop. It also has a comprehensive archive on actors, so if you want to know Ewan McGregor's birthdate, or what movies Kirsten Dunst has been in, just hop over to this site.


I know, I know. Big crappy American suck-up TV companion. But they cover fun frivolous things of Hollywood, and if you want information on anything going on in the entertainment world this is pretty much a one-stop site. From the nominations, results, gossip and fashion of the big events to reviews and scoops on stars and their projects, it's usually very detailed, and regularly updated.

Movie Page

I know there are heaps of places where you can get scripts from the internet, but this is an easy to navigate, fairly comprehensive and diverse site, and most of the links actually work, which is a nice surprise. If you're just looking for a script to read, or to work out what your favourite actor was really saying in that movie, you could probably find it here.