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"I should like to bury something precious
in every place where I've been happy and then,
when I was old and ugly and miserable,
I could come back and dig it up and remember."
- Evelyn Waugh Brideshead Revisited


I've been told that the site has too many words and not enough pictures; to rememdy that, I'm going to stash some pictures here, of celebrities and also of my own personal photos. It'll be arranged rather haphazardly, so watch your step, or you could be looking at pictures of boybands rather than of my friends (how you could tell the difference, I wouldn't know, heh).

I trawl through my files and what's left of my dignity for my favourite pictures of (my favourite) boyband. Shock horror! No, this doesn't really exist.

Backstreet Boys
And it doesn't exist when I do it again, this time for the other boyband, part of my present for April (yeah, I'm a cheap friend).

church photos
A small (hopefully growing) collection of snaps that capture events and friends from my church, and also of church/church people related activities.

Road Trip
In December 2002, a small group of friends from church went on a road trip. Two of them wielded digital cameras, and these are some of the images we captured to bring back. Until I can get my lazy bum into gear and write a proper account of the fun we had, this pic with commentary business will have to suffice.