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"In 1994 the Supreme Court ruled unanimously
that parodies can be a fair use of an original,
requiring no permissions or royalties."

- ApologetiX, a Christian parody band,
on the back cover of their CDs
Parody Palace


I really like parodies. I have my Weird Al favourites, and I've had a few goes at trying to write my own song parodies in the last couple of years.

Below are two examples, both co-written works, because I have yet to develop a talent for parodying an entire song to any coherence, though occaisonally I am good for a line or two.

The Phantom of Les Miss Saigon

The musical parody co-written by Fred Nerk and I; now with masks, drug dealers, exotic dancers, unrequited love, unplanned pregnancies, tragic deaths and catchy melodies. What else can you ask for? (Wait, no, don't answer that.) It comes with a little background knowledge as to how this whole madness began.

Red and Black

A (slightly rude) parody of Red and Black from Les Miserables, born out of a misheard lyric by one Fred Nerk. She confessed it to me one night, probably while we were drinking coffee liberally doused with Kahlua, for this was the result - written in several fits of giggles by said Fred Nerk and I.