Alarra's Top 9 *NSYNC Pictures

Wow. I have become such a teenie to admit I have favourite NSync pictures and think about making a page such as this, let alone actually dig through my files for them. But hey, it's the holidays (and hey, that was so not an excuse).

Does it make it better if I write snarky comments underneath the pictures? No? I didn't think so either. *sigh*


It's a bit too dark, and Lance looks like a dork. Other than that, it's not a bad photo. They (except Lance) look relaxed, and don't seem to be smiling just because someone told them to.


Casual and relaxed once again. Also, all black and jeans is a good look. Let's discuss some of NSync's fashion disasters (none to be found anywhere on this page however - I like to stay sane). JC has previously worn white jeans with bright tulips painted on; a pair of pants with Boticelli's 'The Birth of Venus' on them (dubbed and ridiculed as "the naked lady pants" by even their fans), winter coats with giant fur collars that look like a wild animal tried to hug him and died in the effort, etc. Lance has worn an all light denim ensemble that was embroidered with flowers in pastel. They have all worn pleather / snakeskin / fur / animal print at one time or another. Casual will always be a good option in light of all that.


Actually, Chris' jacket in this borders on the bad (and ooh, I just noticed JC's wearing a leopard print top with what looks to be a pastel purple collar, and that is much with the bad). But they're all serious and not looking at the camera, and even the rather horrid red background can't detract from the fact they look alright (OK, pretty good).


This picture is a test. Does it make you go "awww"? Then you have ovaries and oestrogen. Because! There are cute boys. Puppies. Pastels. C'mon, this shot was calculated to sell the group to their target demographic. (As an aside: the puppies look so plushy! I'd like to squish one.)


They look so happy! And again, with the casual. This was for last year's "People of the Year" issue of US Rolling Stone, which kind of equates with at least a modicrum of respect in the music business. (quote: "We're not a boyband. We're...a dude band." Joey Fatone)


Heh. I cheated with this one - it's a set of five photos from an US Entertainment Weekly photoshoot of the guys bowling. It's bright and cheery and kind of fun because they're mucking around. Click on the thumbnails for the larger picture.


I don't know. I don't have an excuse or any mean comment to make about this one. Just...yeah. Cute. Happy. Acrobatic. Also, red. All good.


Nice muted colours, smiling boys, pillow fights. Hey, we're getting to the good part of the countdown. Don't expect too much by way of commentary anymore except "Yep. Pretty."


Number one.
Firstly: the casual clothes that just right, the picture being black and white. Then, this just seems to be a more complex shot than most pictures I see of them. They aren't being cheery and cute as boybanders are expected to be.